FFL Software

Our passion is to create refreshingly simple software that you want to use not because you must but because they make your life easier.  We’re not fans of bloated anything.  We spend a tremendous amount of time with everything we design to make it the most useful to the user in the simplest way possible.  We designed our software with a focus on features that as an FFL dealer we believed were most crucial to simplifying gun transactions rather than creating bloated software with features that were rarely if ever used while neglecting the features most crucial.

Key Features of Martin Armory’s FFL Software

  • Completely cloud based
  • Handles over-the-counter transactions
  • Handles non-over-the-counter transactions including:
    • Sworn statement
    • Valid permit
    • CLEO notifications
    • Return receipt tracking
    • Shipment delay
  • Electronic 4473 Form
  • Electronic 3301 Form
  • Document scanning for other required forms
  • Capture digital signatures
  • A&D Book
  • FFL Dealer Database