About Us

Martin Armory was founded with a simple goal, to make buying a gun simple and affordable.  We don’t maintain a storefront or carry thousands of different products but rather carry a maximum of twenty-five products at any given time.  This allows us to keep our inventory low while focusing on sourcing great deals.  We also understand that the process of buying a gun can be overwhelming.  Typically a person would have to search through thousands of different guns, scour reviews, and then after hopefully finding the gun they want they would have to compare prices with multiple stores and navigate the purchase process.  We have greatly simplified this process:

  • First, we compile a list of the top 100 guns from several different sources.
  • Second, we do an exhaustive review of each gun which includes scouring numerous reviews and often firsthand experience with the gun.
  • Third, after whittling the list down to say 50 guns we review pricing from numerous distributors to obtain the best possible price.  Often we’re able to pass on better pricing by buying in larger quantities or taking advantage of manufacturer dealer specials.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we’re here to make the entire process of buying a gun simple.  Whether you’re a first time buyer or purchasing your 10th gun we’re here to answer questions.  Need a suggestion for a first gun?  Have a question about the shipping/transfer process?  Just ask we’re here to help.

Martin Armory’s Mission Statement

To make exercising your second amendment right refreshingly simply and affordable.

Martin Armory has a Type 07 FFL (manufacturer), class 02 SOT (NFA transactions)